During our stay in Gaza strip, we've met many different delegations, associations and civile society leaders who briefed us on Israeli practices, common discriminations, harassment and violations of human rights in Gaza strip.
Here are some examples we heard.

Besides their very difficult economic situation imposed by the reduction of the authorized fishing areas, fishermen are continually subject to illegal Israeli military harassment.

The story of Khaled Bakl:
"It was April, at five o'clock in the morning, we were fishing in the authorized fishing zone. On board with me, there were my 3 children and 4 fishermen. Many other Palestinian trawlers were fishing around that area.
An Israeli patrol boat came along, asked for my fishing license without any reason. They asked us to go to the front of our trawler, standing naked (at 5 A.M.!). After 2 hours they let my children leave the trawler and go back to the port. Then they asked us to dive into the sea and swim to their boat. We refused because we can't swim. So the Israeli patrol boat bumped into our trawler in order to let us fall. Then they asked us to follow them into an Israeli port and we refused so they frightened us by shooting. They kept us naked and blindfold for 4 hours.

Later on they took us to the Israeli port where they seized the fishes, ripped our nets and destroyed our motor. They kept us naked untill 10 PM and then they transferred us into jail where we were imprisonned for 11 days, duration of the inquiry.
We were accused of fishing in an Israeli area, which is not true. The Israeli League for Human Rights came and advised us to admit the fault we didn't commit. In prison, Israeli policemen beat me up 3 times. In the end I admitted that fault I didn't commit and the sentence was: 1 month in jail and a fine of 150 sheckels (60 sfr).
If I had refused to admit the fault, the sentence would have been: ban on fishing for 1 year and 6 month emprisonment."

Stories of such fake accusations and strong humiliations are very frequent among fishermen.
They have the right to call a palestinian lawyer to defend them, but it's expensive and the lawyer has no right to plead in Israeli courts...

Mothers and Wifes of palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails are also victims of Israeli authorities and custom officers at Eretz check-point:
long questioning, disrespectful searches, blackmail, threats, and so on...

It was also reported that Israeli sometimes pirate Palestinian TV channel to broadcast porno movies.

Military violence is very strong at check-points and at the borders with buffer zones: israeli soldiers and sometimes also settlers, shoot very often without any reason at Palestinians in the streets and at their homes. In Rafah, near the Egyptian border, Palestinians are not allowed to live above ground floor, or israelis shoot. In those areas the houses are full of bullet holes.
Children are the main victims of these shootings: a few hours before our visit to Rafah, a child had been shot by an israeli soldier while he was playing in the street.
texts: mirouille   -  pictures: E.B., N.K., R.B.    April 2002