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GAZA under siege


If you want to print stickers "Free Palestine",
- for your personal laser or inkjet printer, download this Word file.
- for a professional print, give this Illustrator file to your printing company.
size: 60 x 30 mm - 3 colors (Pantone)

You can download the following posters&stickers as well (pdf format - A4)

512 Ko - (60x30mm vectorBased)
560 Ko - (A3 vectorBased)
1.7 Mo - (A3 300dpi rgb)

1,2 Mo - (A3 300dpi)
1,2 Mo - (vectorBased)
posterstopOccupation3 posterstopOccupation2
360 Ko - designed by N. - (vectorBased)
410 Ko - designed by N. - (vectorBased)
posterApartheid posterWallFaces
1,4 Mo - (vectorBased)
1,3 Mo - (vectorBased)
TshirtBantustans TshirtIntifada
300 Ko - Black/White - (vectorBased)
250 Ko - Black/White - (vectorBased)
260 Ko - (vectorBased)
250 Ko - (vectorBased)
stickerillegal stickerTearTheWall
420 Ko - sticker 90x60mm - (vectorBased)
312 Ko - sticker 90x60mm - (vectorBased)
stickersanctions sticker boycott
340 Ko - sticker 90x60mm - (vectorBased)
550 Ko - sticker 60x30mm - (vectorBased)
1,7 Mo - (vectorBased)
1,4 Mo - (vectorBased)
posterWallHatta posterWallCrush
1,1 Mo - (A4 75dpi)
216 Ko - (vectorBased)
posterWallShadow posterWallStrangle
220 Ko - (vectorBased)
2,9 Mo - (A4 200dpi)
544 Ko - (vectorBased)


These posters exist in french, german and italian as well.
Some of these posters have been translated into spanish or arabic by www.stopthewall.org .
If You need a custom version, with different size or another slogan, don't hesitate to ask me per email, I'll do my best to satisfy your wishes.

The following map is available for printing or publishing as well (pdf format)
184 Ko - A3 - (vectorBased)
Before or after disengagement

Visuals for the campaign against CONNEX

connex tram line
map of the tramway (banner) - pdf -550 Ko - (vectorBased)
in french  /  in english: full line (590x210) or short line (A4)  /  in arabic: full line (590x210) or short line (A4)

connex autocollants
4 stickers against Connex - (vectorBased)
A4 - pdf - 136 Ko
in french  /  in english  /  in arabic (2 stickers)

This work is copyleft, which means you can use it, disseminate it, as long as you don't earn money with it. Or if you do, you should send the benefits to Palestinian NGOs or solidarity organizations.

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